Back online! Finally! Myös suomeksi?

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I was thinking that in the future I could also do double language posts, but we will see. If I got better mood or the text isn’t too long, probably. I have thought about turning my blog to double before, but in the first post I noticed it was way too much! x___x But this way I can do it sometimes double! Nice, isn’t it? ^_~

I have lots of pics I have put online while it was down (of course…) so I will probably start spamming them here soon.
Hope everyone didn’t leave because I was stupid and didn’t put up a note to tell what was going on. All people on forums knew tough…
Nice to see you again and let’s hope it is all good for now on! ;)


Eli vihdoin ja viimein blogi taas linjoilla. Mietin jatkossa että teen mahdollisesti myös kaksikielisiä päivityksiä, saas nähdä, jaksamisen ja tekstin määrän mukaan. Jos teksti on kovin pitkä niin en varmaan jaksa sitten. Olen aiemminkin pohtinut blogini muuttamista kaksikieliseksi, mutta ensimmäinen postaus jossa sitä ”yritin” oli aivan liian pitkä ja työläs moiseen! x___x Mutta nyt voin tehdä niin joskus, eikö olekin siistiä! ^_~

Paaaljon kuvia pitäis pistää tänne (tottakai pukkasin kuvia nettiin hulluna just nyt!) eli kohta varmaan alakaa spammi…
Toivottavasti kaikki ei ole häipyneet muille vesille koska olin urpo enkä tajunnu pistää viestiä että blogi on alhaalla… Foorumilaiset ties kyl…
Mutta mukava nähdä taas ja toivotaan että loppu hyvin kaikki hyvin! ;)

Suomea voi lukea tästedes tällä violetilla fontilla! ^^

Yuri named Lilja, opening and christmas

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Traveling doll pt. 1 (Pullip Yuri)
Bit late, I forgot to post this before… Oops!

So let’s start with this. We have traveling doll thingy going on at Finnish Pullip forum and I am one of the participants. Basically we gathered few people, split the price of the doll, and now she will travel all around Finland and everyone will keep her for couple weeks and take pics with her. We also will give her stuff, and something nice for the next person, so they get a small gift as well. :) We also have diary to go with her and send post card to the next person as well. :3

At the end after she has traveled trough all participants, we will make a draw who gets her, other person will be drawn to get her outfit. She will be kept stock except removing of her wig (which I have now done) and she is actually first type 4 Pullip I had in stcok face up, even tough just for a short amount of time, as now I count it as we all owning her for now.

So let’s go on to the pictures! These pics were taken on Christmas. :)
Please do remember I do not own this doll, she is just visiting here! ^w^

Under Christmas tree…

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Poor Afternoon – Before and Comparison

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Something less nice this time… This is Afternoon, very very VERY badly yellowed one. I assume she has been in display in sun for super long time. She is the worst yellowing on a Pullip I have EVER seen. It is so sad and horrible. I kinda acted on impact on getting her, but she wasn’t expencive and I love her outfit, having second is never bad… And someone needs to save her, right?!? x____x;;

What makes my pics more informative is that I do actually own mint condition Afternoon as well. (Ironically bought from same place. x3) So I can actually do legit comparison with normal looking Afternoon, making more clear how bad her yellowing is.

When doll looks like they came from Simpsons, you know the yellowing is really bad. I did my best to try document it as it is (or was by now that I am writing this since I already started repairing her) but I still think I didn’t manage to catch the color as bad and dark as it was. Of well. It looks pretty bad even then.

Look dear, there is nooothing wrong with me. *hiding behind the hair*

Please lift your hair dear…

Comparing with her hand…
A: Oh my…

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New Love?

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Sooo… Finally pics of her face up, she was the second girl I made last summer… Oh well. She is finally here in all her glory. She is supposed to be Kiss’ twinsister Love, but she inda got her own evolution during face up to something different. I am still unsure if she would be good twin, but I love her a lot regardless. I also was a looooot less comfortable with her, but overtime it seems I am getting used to it. I think the problem is that she is very different from what Love originally was, and she was never so much of my favourite, but I kinda loved the character I made for her… More serious and down to earth than Kiss. :D Her name is Lotta, Love being nickname like Kiss is.
Either way, here she is finally! ^////^

Face up done by me, and her wig actually also. It is not the best shape and I was supposed to buy her new one, but I have kinda liked the less vivid red on her… Time will show if she ever gets new one.

But onto to the pics finally! :3

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Here is some more furwigs done by me. This time I have used new fur, which has really thin hair. I think it turned out really nice! :) I was worried it would not look good on the dolls or that the quality would have been poor (lot of thinner furs are not as nice, at least the ones I have got my hands into).

I have also edited the wig pages on my selling pages:
Peruukit (in Finnish)
So go check it out if you want some! :3 I have also FINALLY updated my mohairs, so yay! \o/

But here is couple wigs, some of them have same wig used, so it might look bit off, but it shows so well how different dolls look in it so. ^w^ I have made pullip family size ones and also one try for smaller doll, momoko.

Dal (she is the one who kept it! ^w^)

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Summer Challenge~ Weeks 4-6

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Helloo! It took me quite some time to get these here, Games Done Quick was awesome this year too (even donated a little, for the first time!) and I have to admit it took lion’s bite of all my life for over a week, and I don’t even start with 1-2h sleep then watch then sleep again, repeat… x___x
Either way, here are the pics!

4/14 A

4/14 B

4/14 C



Thanks for looking! ^w^

Summer Challenge~ Week 3

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Last week’s pics…

3/14 A Hanging out
I have some dolls on my side table, and this is the current gang! ^w^

3/14 B Street and Ankestain

3/14 C Meetup group picture
We had meeting on Sunday, and this is the whole crew! (Note: I don’t own all the dolls in this pic, obviously! ;) )

Thanks for looking! ^^