Sleeping rythm is fucked up

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This is fucking amazing! Just watched all Pasila episodes that have English subtitles with an American friend. I couldn’t get the dvd in decent size, it would have taken approximately 4 days for it to transfer so…
We watched it on the skype. Together. :D

In other news: The Nuzlocke Games 3. I tried, I signed up, didn’t have luck. AKA didn’t get in. I took it harder than i thought. :/ Can’t stand the endless flood on the channel/chat… XD So I am taking a break.

Sis visited on Saturday, we had so much fun again. She knows always how to cheer me up. I started to play piano. I handle now Für Elise up to the point I did earlier, and couple other smaller things… (Renkutuksia sanon minä!) Stuffed shipping stuff and boxes to doll room. No it is really messed up and you can’t do much there, but since I have no doll inspiration at all or whatsoever I don’t mind it.

Also second part for my Hunnalocke should be up soon! ^w^

I also fixed the links, added English and can’t escape. Also added English on the topic and etc. I couldn’t find how to change language yet (if I can even…) so you gotta bear with it for now… Actually I can’t do it without re-installing so…

Trying to write more English, but Finnish sometimes too, depending on the topic. And if someone can’t read it, I don’t really think I have readers that cannot read English, so that is why I try more English. (Finns hohoho! \o/)

And of course, last but not least my sleeping rythm is so wrong now. I don’t even sleep same time daily… Asdf. Maybe I get it fixed soon. :S See ya!