1st Hunnalocke is here ~ Running around Hoenn ~ Part 1: Getting my starter

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This is part 1: Getting my starter.

Warning: contains foul language!

Okay, here goes nothing.
This is my second time doing nuzlocke and my first documented run. Please be gentle.
I will be running around Hoenn, game is original pokemon Emerald.
Let’s get on with it!

Hunna’s First Nuzlocke!

1. If a Pokemon faints, it’s dead. You cannot use it anymore. You must bury it (box/release).

2. Catch the first Pokemon you encounter in a new area (route/city/forest/cave/whatever).
2.1. Absolute Dupes Clause:
If the first encounter is a Pokemon that has already been caught, you cannot capture it. So you cannot get a replacement for a Pokemon that was killed. You must catch the first Pokemon that isn’t a duplicate.
2.2. Pokeball Clause:
When you have no access to Pokeballs, at the start, encounters don’t count. They start counting only after getting your first Pokeballs. After that, if you run out of balls, well, sucks to be you!

3. Skype group will be used for starter picking (randomly), and may also be used in similar situations, like picking replacement Pokemon, etc. Thread polls may also be employed. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know. ^w^

4. Trading is not allowed, but you may trade Pokemon back and forth only to make it evolve.

5. HM slaves are allowed.

6. All Pokemon must be nicknamed.


How to:
(mostly my comments, extra stuff)
*doing something*



”Phew! That was just a dream!” I screamed and jumped out of the bed. I think it’s because of yesterday… The drive was anything but comfortable…

Mom: ”Well this is Littleroot Town! How do you like it? This is our new home!”
Hun: ”Yeah, looks nice, but I will be leaving soon, so does it really matter?”
Mom: ”Of course it does, honey! And you get your own room too!”
Hun: ”Again, what do I-”
Mom: ”Let’s go in!”

I will just leave…

Mom: ”Where you think you’re going, you ungrateful kid? Dad and I paid an arm and leg for this house, so you’d better GO AND CHECK YOUR ROOM NOW!”
”Yes Mom, I will, I will…” I said, staring at my Mom, afraid she would lose it again. Separation from Dad wasn’t good for her.
Mom: ”Also, don’t even think about sneaking out. You will sleep inside for the night and leave tomorrow. You won’t harrass Professor Birth tonight!”
Hun: ”It is professor Birc-”
I was shivering, thinking it’d be better to shut up for now and just go to check my room.

*Stops to pet the Vigoroth on her way.*
Mom: ”NOW!”
*Runs upstairs!*

-Let’s get back to present, shall we?-
I was looking at the clock. It was afternoon already, but since I was afraid that Mom was still pissed off (not to mention, I didn’t see any room or bed for her), I stayed in my room.

”Dum de dum…”

Hun: ”Yes, of course I do, Mom!…I mean I love it! I have never had my own room before!”
Like hell I would say anything else after yesterday’s outburst!

a11.png a12.png
Mom: ”Too bad, it’s over now. I think Dad was on!”
Hun: ”Bawww.” :<
Mom: ”Hey, one daddy’s friend lives in this town, right next door! You should go introduce yourself. And oh, he promised to give you your first Pokemon!”
Yeah, the most important part at last. Also why the hell are you grinning like that Mom…? MOM?!? O___O;
*Mom sits at the table.*
Hun: ”Hey Mom-”



Hun: ”Yeah, bye-bye Mom…”

Hun: ”Finally some fresh air!…Or perhaps I should say ’Free at last!’.”
*Looking around.*
Hun: ”There are…three houses. THREE HOUSES in this FUCKING TOWN. I live in a periphery, far away from all of civilization…
Oh wait, one of these buildings seems to be a lab.
…There are two houses. My Mom lives in one and that Birch guy in the other. No other residents. Poor daddy, little did you know when you bought her the house…”

Hun: ”Well it’s not really my problem…I am leaving today anyway! TIME TO GET MY POKEMON!”
*Runs to the lab.*
”Wait, I cannot run…What the hell is wrong with my legs?!” o___O
*Walks to the lab.* (:P)

Hun: ”Whaaaat? Wait, wait, wait- where is that Birch guy? Don’t tell me he is still sleeping in his house!”

Hun: ”Yes Professor Birch! You know, he is your boss! Where is he!?”
Lazy aid: ”Oh, him. Well of course, he is doing field work. Ergo, he isn’t here.”
Hun: ”No shit, Sherlock, I can see that. But why aren’t you doing anything?”
Lazy aid: ”I am!… I am, um…”
*He thinks long and hard.*
”I am here to tell you Professor Birch isn’t here, yes!”
Hun: ”…”
Lazy aid: ”Oh, let me explain what fieldwork is.”
Hun: ”No, I know, you don’t need-”
Lazy aid: ”It is to study things in the natural environ-”
*Says thanks to him and runs off.*
Lazy aid: ;;___;;

And now I will go check to see if the Professor is here.
…What is it, kid? (Oh yay. someone else says ”um” a lot too! \o/)

”Really?” I said, glaring at the little girl. ”So you’re just going to lurk there the whole day to ensure that I won’t pass you?”
Lil’ girl: ”Yup!”
Hun: ”But I cannot get a Pokemon without Birch, who apparently is out there somewhere (woods surround us everywhere else, too thick to go through)!”
Lil’ girl: ”Yup! Too bad!”
I sighed deeply. What should I do next? Maybe if I hit her hard enough she lets me go? Though, with those couple guys hanging around my house, I’d better not… Hey, maybe he is home after all?…Better go check it. Like I have a choice. Sigh.
(And where the hell does that little kid live? Where are her parents,? She is not my sister or Birch’s kid so… O__O;; And why do those random people wander around my house? What the hell they are doing in a remote place like this?)

*Saunters to the other house in town, the Birch family home.*

Hun: ”Hey I just moved-”

Hun: ”Yes I am Hunna and I am pretty sure you have seen me before with my father, Norman, you know?”
Anne: ”I don’t really remember… But I sure remember your Dad! I have been visiting him from time to time and baking him some cookies, poor guy…I am sorry that you have to live with something like that… It’s so awful.”
Hun: ”WHAAAT?! What are you talking about!?”
Anne: ”Huh?! Your parents’ divorce, of course! What else?”
”My… parents… are… NOT DIVORCED! We specifically moved here to be closer my daddy,” I sneered at her.
”Oops! Never mind then. Good to know, though, I thought your Dad was depressed because of the divorce… Must been the distance then. So go off to see your daddy!” She stammered.

And she was her delightful self again.
”Our son was exited about making a new friend!” She continued.
Hun: ”Huh? But haven’t I seen him before.”
Anne: ”Our son is upstairs, I think.”
”Okay, I will go check,” I said and walked around a bit. Birch was nowhere to be seen, so maybe upstairs…

Little Billy: ”Do you have your own Pokemon yet? My bro is so cool, he has one! His Pokemon is the best!”
Hun: ”Oh cool. What is it?”
Little Billy: ”I’m not telling! You are not cool because you have no Pokemon!”
Hun: ”Well that is because your SHITTY DAD ISN’T HERE TO GIVE ME ONE LIKE HE PROMISED! And your brother’s Pokemon sucks anyway, I’d beat it any time!”
*Dead silence.*

Anne watched me really murderously, so I decided to rush upstairs.

…Only to notice that neither Brendan, nor Professor Birch were here. Like, what kind of Mom does she think she is? She doesn’t even know whether her son is home or not! Jesus! >__< What is she, blind and deaf?

”Hmm… Maybe I could check what Pokemon he has here.”

*Brendan rushes in.*
I gulped.
Brendan: ”What do you think you are doing!? Trying to snatch my Pokemon when I wasn’t here? How mean!”
”No, you’ve got me wrong! I… I wasn’t going to steal it or anything, I was just curious… I don’t have my own Pokemon yet!” I sobbed, making the saddest face I could.
”Ah, okay,” he said and smiled. ”I know, I was impatient to get my first one as well! By the way, my name is Brendan.” (Yeah I figured that out already.)

Hun: ”My name is Hunna. I just moved in next door!”
Brendan: ”Oh! I thought you were a guy, being a Gym Leader’s kid and all.”
Hun: ”What? Why do you think so? Do you imply that Gym Leaders can’t have daughters?”
Brendan: ”I just wanted to make a new friend, so I guess I just wanted you to be guy…”
Hun: ”And why we couldn’t be friends?”
Brendan: ”Hey, you are right. You should totally be my girlfriend!”
*Hunna facepalms.*
Hun: ”How about no?”
Brendan: ”Want to battle?”
Hun: ”I don’t have any Pokemon yet… So unless you want to wrestle or something, I am unable to fight…”
Brendan: ”Oh, why not?”
Hun: ”Because your (STUPID) Dad wasn’t in the lab. He should have given one to me today…”
Brendan: ”Do you want me to catch you one?”
Hun: ”Yeah, sure, why not?”

Brendan: ”Gotta check my PC now!”
Hun: ”What about my Pokemon?”
Brendan ignores me entirely. And is talking to himself. I stare at him for a while…

Maybe he won’t notice if I-
Brendan: ”Don’t even think about it!”
So I guess it’s better if I just leave now… I don’t know how to get out of here though. Maybe I will go punch that kid in the face after all.

Hey, that little girl has moved now, maybe she won’t be so pushy now.

Hun: ”Um, what?
Lil’ girl: ”There are scary Pokemon outside! I can hear their cries! I want to go see what’s going on, but I don’t have any Pokemon… Hey, can you go see what’s happening for me?”


SO NOW YOU DON’T CARE IF I GET KILLED ANYMORE. Oh god I hate you. Well I will go check, if it’s that important to you… Besides it’s probably just Birch battling with wild Pokemon and then I can finally get my FIRST POKEMON! FUCK YEAAAAAH!

I watched Birch, perplexed.
Birch: ”Heeeeeeeelp meeeeeee! In my bag! There is a Pokeball! Take it and save me pleaaaaaase!”
You… you just ran by your bag over and over again and didn’t take it? *Facepalm.*
Maybe I should just leave…

Also, how the hell did you know I didn’t have a Pokemon? Never mind, at least I get my FIRST POKEMON! YAY! I waved my hand in the air.

…You said there was one Pokeball! Wait, I have to pick one. Ooh. (Skype group already chose my starter.) Hmm. Maybe I just close my eyes and…


Mudkip, I choose you! Here goes nothing.

Level 2, are you kidding me? Well, I don’t even have to use my Potion to win! \^__^/ Battle of Tackles, begin!
Hun: ”Good boy Mudkip, thanks!”
Mudkip smiled at me mildly, I think he was little nervous.
Birch: ”Whew… Thanks.”
Hun: ”No problem.”
Birch: ”I was studying in the tall grass when I was jumped. Oh hey! You are Hunna, aren’t you? Norman’s kid?”
Hun: ”Yes, I am.” Finally, someone remembers me!
Birch: ”Come to my lab now, okay? Or are you busy?”
Hun: ”No no, I was trying to find you. I will come with you.”

Huh? You… teleported us here? o___O
Birch: ”I also know you don’t have Pokemon yet, I promised to give you one. You worked so well with that Mudkip, I think it’s best for you both that you keep him.”
Hun: ”Yay, thanks a lot! I liked him too!”
Mudkip seemed like he was smiling a little, avoiding eye contact.

Hun: ”Hey little guy, can you tell me what your name is?”
Mudkip shook his head and looked a little sad.
Hun: ”You don’t have a name yet?”
”No I don’t,” he muttered with small voice.
”Okay, so how about I give you one then?” I said, smiling at him. n_n

Hun: ”So… How about Yrjö? It is the Finnish counterpart for ’George’.”
Mudkip nodded. He looked so happy. ^___^
I smiled back at him. ”Then is settled! Yrjö let’s go!” I waved at him and pet him on the head.
Birch: ”Hey, hey! Don’t go yet! I have something to tell you!”
Hun: ”’Kay.”
Birch: ”So if you work with Pokemon just like you did, you will gain experience and your Pokemon will get stronger. I think you’ll…”

I snapped out of my snooze. I quickly wiped the drool from the corner of my mouth. Oops!
”Oh yeah I can, sure,” I replied without really knowing what he said. It couldn’t be anything bad, couldn’t it?

WAIT WHAT!? What the hell I just promised? O___O;;
Birch: ”Get Brendan to teach you-”
Hun: ”Oh god no!”
Birch: ”What’s wrong? But like I was going to say, Brendan will teach you how to be a good Pokemon trainer!”
Hun: ”Oh that, I think I-”
Birch: ”I think he has gone home. Wait, no, maybe he is scrounging around tall grass somewhere…”
”Okay okay, I will just go now!” I said, grabbing the sleeping Yrjö in my arms. I think he woke up and was bit confused.
”Don’t forget to rest or heal your Pokemon when either of you get tired!” He shouted after me. But I was out of the lab, running happily towards the first route!
…Not so fast.

Yeah… That guy had at least 3 Pokemon and couldn’t grab his bag, fight a level 2 Zigzagoon and save his sorry ass himself. How the hell does he manage to do any research like that? But now the hard part, I hope Mom is still in a good mood and doesn’t lock me upstairs or something. Though I bet she really wants me to go and get to sleep in my bed and… do whatever she does when I am not around. >__>;

”Okay mom, I will go now, you know I got my first Pokemon,” I said while pointing at Yrjö.
Mom: ”Oh, he is so cute!”
Yrjö: ^_____^
”I will go, um… I will go to see daddy, yes!” I continued.
Mom: ”But of course you can go. Hug him for me, will you? Take care, honey!”
Hun: ”I will, Mom!”

And now I finally get to go! I ran to the first route with Yrjö at my heels.

Tilulilutiluliluliiii… *Battle starting music.*
Hun: ”Okay Yrjö, go now! She is just level 3, you can do it baby!”
Yrjö nodded and ran between me and the Poochyena.
Hun: ”I think a couple of Tackles should do the trick Yrjö.”
*Yrjö Tackles.*
I cheered for him! ”Yay, Yrjö, good job!”
”Yay!” he said and jiggled his head a bit, being happy but shy.

Hun: ”Woohoo! Now you’ve gotten stronger Yrjö, good going, keep it up!”

Also I forgot to show you this earlier, but Yrjö’s nature is Docile and he is also bit shy which you might have noticed.

I think this is good time for a little pause. (Also picture limit is hanging over me… XD) So see ya next time, that will hopefully be soon! It took me long time to make this, so even though I am longer in the game, I probably take a week with next update too…

Thank you for reading! ^____^ I hope you liked it!
Special thanks for George and other guys @ Nuzlocke Skype group!


I had a really big urge to change Brendan’s name to Brändon, but editing all of the Yrjos to Yrjö is enough work for me, thank you. Also if you don’t know what I am talking about (and you probably don’t), check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2720NoC410
Poor guy, he learned to never go into the Finnish Comedy show (the hard way), because that is what happens. XD


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