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Hi! It has been couple weeks now, but I actually made sushi, twice this summer already. And here is pics, some taken on the first time, some on the second. The tips about stuff and where to get it might apply to Finland only though. (Sorry for superlong post. >_>; At least there is tons of nice pics!)
Bon appétit! :3

teaser of finished portion:

Tamago-nigiri (egg/muna), Ebi-nigiri (big shrimp/jättikatkarapu), 2x Shake-nigiri (salmon, used cold smoked/lohi, käytin kylmäsavustettua), 2x veggie gunkan-maki (cucumber/kurkku + paprika)

Makis: cucumber/paprika, paprika, paprika/shrimp, bamboo/paprika (yellow+red), cucumber and salmon/cucumber.

(Pic from Google.)
I used long paprikas (finn: Kutsun tätä suippo paprikaksi kun en muista millä nimellä sitä myytiin.) I bought it from Stockmann Herkku/Delicates where I bought most of the ingredients. I noticed my local grocery store (Sale) also has them, but I haven’t tried them and I am still bit skeptic about bying other veggies than root veggies (finn: en uskalla ostaa vihanneksista muita kuin juureksia) from small stores like that. (Nightmares about Siwa’s cucumbers and tomatoes – neverending…)

Sushi kits are good way to start, I bought one earlier so I had bamboo mat already in home. I will recommend this for first time and also if you want to try and are not sure you like sushi. There is only 4 sheets of seaweed on this Blue Dragon(=BD) sushi kit (price: ~10€) and BD pack of seaweed only, 10 sheets is ~5€.
(BTW all linked pics are originally from Google.)

Shopping list: (@ S = from Stockmann, usually not in normal stores, may also be found at ethnic food stores)
Rice (I bought sushi rice @ S)
Seaweed (I haven’t found anything but Blue Dragon, but they work well.) @ S

-Soy sauce @ S (I have tasted couple and I think they weren’t as good as old friend Kikkoman soy sauce so I will recommend it. Especially cheap ones were too sweet for my taste.)
Wasabi @ S (If you like it a lot and/or put it in nigirisushi I suggest you buy a tube, the ones with the kit are not enough. :P )
Japanese Vinegar @ S (You can also use Mirin I believe. Again Blue Dragon has been the best.)
Bamboo mat @ S

For filling:
-Bamboo @ S (Canned in water, I rinsed them, pretty bland in taste imo, I suggest to put something with it in the rolls, like paprika worked nicely.)
-Carrot (I have tasted, never done myself, but I suppose you soften them in steam (höyrytys) for couple minutes and remove the hard part in the middle.)
-Cucumber (The thinner/slimmer the better, if the middle is too big it makes it pretty wet)
-Melons (I have tasted honeydew/hunajameloni and cantaloupes, but not used them myself yet.)
-Salmon @ S, possibly in Kauppahalli too (May use other fish too, mostly sea fish because the fish isn’t cooked. When buying the fish I suggest you ask for fish that is for sushi/you can eat as is. Cold smoking FTW! \o/)
-Shrimps, big, @ S, possibly in Kauppahalli too

There might be other fillings too but I don’t use/like them so. (Like leek/purjo, radish/retikka and canned tuna/säilyketonnikala for example.)

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Maanantaiaamuna krapula ja vapina*

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*On monday morning hangover and the shivers

I have been listening this: Happoradio: Unelmia ja toimistohommia (cover)
…for 3 days in repeat. :D Luckily I live alone and I am not driving anyone crazy by doing it.
+ Lyrics and Translation

And ofc using that in the topic makes my old friend’s voice echoing in my head. ”How you know you have feeling similar to hangover since you never have hangovers?” (I still use it, because it is how I think hangover feels like. :P) No matter how drunk or passing out or fading memory… never got hangover. I would be really good alcoholic and make my finnish genes very proud, but I think less alcohol is better way to go for me. (What a waste!? :D)

I think last time I had bad urge to repeat a song for days was many years ago. I think my ”record” is 2 weeks for repeating one song. Last time it was this:
Usamimi Kamen -video & (Song + lyrics)

And that apparently lead into this:

(it is a cosplay of Usamimi Kamen I did for my ex, he helped some)

Erhem. And now to the mainpoint of my post:
I got a new computer! FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY! \^_______________^/ YAY!
It is still on layaway(paying in parts), but the computer is in here so! <3

That’s it, looks like that. And apparently the color just hit me only after I opened it from the package. I have named my computers(, external hard drives etc.) as characters from Phoenix Wright (game). My old gaming laptop, that I used for these past months as normal computer because of lacking one, I named it Edgeworth earlier. But when this baby came home, I couldn’t help it. No other name would have fitted it. No. So apparently this one is now Edgeworth. :D Welcome home new Edgis-baby! <3 Continue after the cut~

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