1st Hunnalocke ~ PART 2 ~ The first catch

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This is part 2: The first catch.

Warning: contains foul language!

Hunnalocke: All parts


Hi there and THANK YOU EVERYONE who read my story, I appreciate it A LOT! (Not alot, though alot is cute. ALOT)

So time for healing before I continue…
Nurse: ”We would like to see you again.”
Hun: ”I bet you will.” :D

Hun: ”Ohaiii.”

Hun: ”Is that so?”
Seller: ”Yes I am, now follow me and I will show you where the Pokemart is!”

Hun: ”Oh hey thanks, I like that!”
And I thought talking to him might be waste of time!

Now let’s get out of this remote town… Can’t wait to get into city instead of stumbling upon a town with only two residences. I’m seeing a pattern here.

”Help!” I shouted. Why the hell is he ripping my shirt?!
”Get your hands off of meeeee!”

Fuck this. Another idiot lunatic who won’t let me pass. I hope I don’t have to run around to get past him. Or do a task for him.
What to do next… Hey, there is another route in the north, I will check it out!

Hun: ”Yeah Yrjö, kill it with FIR- I mean, Tackle!”
I smiled at Yrjö, grinning with stupid look on my face. Yrjö Tackled the Pokemon couple times and… level up!
Hun: ”Hey, nice work buddy!”
Yrjö smiled back at me and started jumping around.

Okay, I cannot swim (come on, really? .______.) so I guess I will continue here…
”Yay Yrjö, another level up!” I cheered him on again.

Okay and next- Whaaat?! What is he doing here? Well I guess I can fulfill the promise since I am here and it is a dead end anyway.
”Okay Yrjö, I think we are ready” I said. ”He might challenge us and might have good Pokemon since he has been a trainer longer than me, but don’t worry. I believe you can do it Yrjö!” I continued.

Hun: ”Oh god he is talking himself again…” *Hunna facepalms.*
”Does he do that often?” Yrjö asked, looking at me skeptically.
Hun: ”Yeah, so far it’s been every time I have seen him.”
Yrjö: ”Ugh…”

Hun: ”Yes it’s me.”
Brendan: ”…Oh yeah, Dad gave you a Pokemon!”
Hun: ”Yeah, and you just ignored me!”
Brendan: ”Let bygones be bygones. You came all the way here for me? You want to be my girlfriend after all, don’t you?”
Hun: ”Nooooo! My… um, I… um, Birch… your Dad sent me here! He wanted you to go back to his lab!”
Breandan: ”Is that it? Okay. But since we are here, how about a little battle?”
Hun: ”BRING IT ON! We are ready!”
Brendan: ”I will teach you what being a trainer is all about!”
…Yeah right.
Wait, that is what your Dad said. Are you psychic or something? O__O
Well, like father like son I guess…

Get set…

*Hunna points at Treecko.*
Hun: ”Go get him Yrjö! I believe in you!”
*Yrjö darted out in front of me.*

”Good Tackling, buddy!” I said and petted Yrjö.
Yrjö: ^____^

Hun: ”Yes of course I am not!”

What!? You only had one Pokemon!?! O___O And it was in the level I got mine! What the heck are you guys thinking!? That piece of shit couldn’t teach me anything… Whatever…

Hun: ”I hope that he does it only for my Pokemon trainer skills and nothing else.” >____>;;;
Brendan: ”Let’s go back to the lab, shall we?”
Hun: ”Hey, why do I have to come with you?!?”


So you are either a masochist or you like to torture your son. The more I get to know you, the more I want to get as far away from you as I can. On second thought, though, I would like to beat up Brendan too, so…
Birch: ”Brendan has been helping with my research for a long time.”
And how exactly? I haven’t seen him make any progress with his team of Pokemon. Also he doesn’t seem to be catching any others either, since he had only one with him.

I smell an errand ahead. Yes, I already know what that is…
Birch: ”My kid Brendan goes everywhere with it!”
Hun: ”You know, he is standing next to you. Besides, wouldn’t it be stupid to leave it at home if you had one?”
Birch: ”Never mind then.”


*Hunna stands deathly still.*
I got his balls.
Then I hear a voice… I turn around, but cannot see who is talking.
”Hunna-chan is a nasty girl, isn’t she?~~”
”WHAAAAAT!” I shout out loud. O___O;
Yrjö is giving me a horrified look. I think he can hear it too.
”You have his ball in your hand, don’t you?” the voice continued.

I am glancing around me, but I still don’t see who it is.
Hun: ”Whoever you are, I will put you in this ball if you don’t stop teasing me!”
*Birch and Brendan look at me like I have totally lost my mind.*
The voice stopped, but it felt like someone was watching me… I couldn’t quite tell who or what it was, but I still felt it. I don’t think I scared her though, maybe she just doesn’t want to argue. Or dislikes balls a lot.

I ignore Birch & Brendan and grab Yrjö in my arms and run out of the building.

Once we get close to the woods I place Yrjö back on the ground.
Yrjö: ”No offense, Hunna, but I think I can run faster than you.”
Hun: ”Ah um, sorry. I didn’t think… But what the hell was that earlier?”
Yrjö: ”I think she sounded familiar, I don’t know why though.”
Hun: ”Can you still feel her presence?”
Yrjö: ”Huh?” o__O;
Hun: ”Yeah. I still can feel it. Like she is watching us.”
Yrjö: ”Are you sure?”
Hun: ”Yeah, I am…”
Looks like Yrjö didn’t feel it. Well maybe I’d better stop talking about it. At least he heard the voice too and I am not imagining it. Or he doesn’t think I have totally lost my mind. Like Birch and Brendan now probably do. And that lab assistant.

Hun: ”Well anyway, let’s go now Yrjö.”
He nodded and we started leaving.

Hun: ”Oh Mom. What is it now?”

”Sure I did. How else you think I got this Pokemon?” I said, pointing at Yrjö.

I already showed him to you earlier, Mom! Come on! ;;___;;
Yrjö is groaning under his breath. I think it would be better to just move on.
Mom: ”Here is a pair running shoes for you honey! Now you can run!”
Hun: ”Oh cool, thanks.”

He’d better be, or I’ll get angry! :D I’ve gone through so much trouble just to get my first Pokemon.
Mom: ”Please be careful, honey. If anything happens, you can always come back home. Go on, go get ’em, honey!”
Hun: ”…Get who?”

But Mom was already running back home. Oh well, I’ll just continue.
Hun: ”Back to that other remote town we go!”
Yrjö nods and runs before me, to lead the way.

After smacking a couple of Pokemon down, Yrjö levels up again! I hope this doesn’t kill out first catch. Also, since I got Yrjö in the first route, I didn’t get my second Pokemon yet.

*Hunna and Yrjö facepalm together.* You gotta be kidding me! I was waiting for nothing? Arghhhh…
Hun: ”I am starting to lose my faith in humanity.”
Yrjö: ”Me too.”

”I didn’t mean you, though,” he continued.
Hun: ”If you did, you would be quite screwed to be my Pokemon then, right?”
Yrjö: ”Well, technically speaking, yes, but I could just refuse to do what you ask me to, run away all the time or just be a total asshole.”
”Um… Good thing you are not, then,” I said to him, relieved. I think that was actually the first time he said something that long to me. Maybe he is starting to get used to me. :3

To a new route…

Some guy: ”My name is Calvin!”
Hun: ”Where did you leave Hobbes?”
Calvin: ”Ha ha haa… That’s not funny. Now really! If you have Pokemon with you, then you are an official Pokemon trainer!”
Hun: ”Yes I am, so what?”
Calvin: ”You can’t say no to my challenge!”
Hun: ”What?”
Calvin: ”Yes, if someone sees you they may challenge you immediately, whether you’re ready or not!”
Hun: ”Clear.”

*Battle music.*
Hun: ”You know the pattern, Yrjö.”
Yrjö nodded. And Tackled. OHKO. Poochyena fell onto the ground.
Calvin: ”Noooo! My poor Hobbes, look what you did to him!”
Yrjö: ”Don’t complain, boy, you were the one who challenged us.”

Hun: ”Well at least you figured that out now.”
Calvin: ”You should have told me you are strong! I wouldn’t have challenged you!”
Hun: ”Pfft. Let’s get going, Yrjö.”

Hun: ”Arceus bless you.”
Kid: ”Thanks.”

(I am missing pics about this next part because of panicking and excitement, but I will write it.)

Hun: ”Okay Yrjö, get ready! Now let’s get our first teammate, shall we? Or first catch at least!”
I high-fived Yrjö and then we ran into the bushes.

”OH MY FUCKING GOD!” I screamed out loud. That can’t be!
The mysterious voice: ”Hmm, I will bet on a shiny or a death. Actually, I will put my money on both.”
Hun: ”What the-”
”A shiny killed her Pokemon,” said another voice.
Oh god… Am I going crazy…?
*Hunna shook the voices out of her mind.*
Focus… focus now, Hunna, I know you can!
Hun: ”Yrjö, go! But don’t hit her too hard… I don’t want her to die, okay buddy?”
Yrjö: ”Gotcha!”
Hun: ”Also use Mud Slap. Just to be on the safe side.”
After Yrjö did his job, it was up to me now. Thank god I bought more Pokeballs at that Pokemart!
I started throwing the balls…





”I got a Ralts!” I shouted and made a happy dance around Yrjö.
(FYI, I have tried and searched for a Ralts on this route so many times, with no results. So getting it on a first try in a Nuzlocke and even being the first encounter so I can actually catch/use it is incredible! I can’t believe it! :DDDD)
(I think she was level 3 or something.)

Hun: ”Erhem… So, little baby, do you have name already?”
Ralts: ”No. But you are my owner now, so isn’t it your job to give me one?” >:3

Hun: ”Okay then, baby… Let’s see, how about Ihana? It means adorable or lovely. I think it suits you, but what do you think?”
Ihana: ”Ihana is ihana! So I am adorable, aren’t I?” :3
Hun: ”You sure are! This is my first teammate, Yrjö” I said, waving at him.
Yrjö: ”Sorry about that Ihana, but I had to do it so we could get you in our team. Right?”
I could easily tell that he was nervous.
Ihana: ”Well… Let’s say that you owe me one. Okay?”
Yrjö nodded. I grabbed Ihana in my arms since she could barely stand up, to heal her at the Pokecenter.

After that, we went back to the route to do some leveling up. Especially for Ihana, since she should learn an attack in order to fight on her own. Yrjö was already far ahead in the level department, but it was all I could do.

Next town… This one actually isn’t so remote than the others.
But contains more idiots, it seems.
Let’s see if I can get another Pokemon on the next route.

Hun: ”Oh god no! Not again! Why does an idiot have to be blocking the way in every single-”
Random Guy: ”Hiya! Are you maybe… Hunna?”
Hun: ”Yeah, that’s me, guilty as charged.”

Random Guy: ”Okay, come with me then.”
”Okay, okay…” I mumbled while the guy pulled me towards the Gym.
”Oh right, Dad.”

Oh boy… And here we go again. Just do it quick please.

Hun:” Hey Ihana, I see it’s another Ralts.”
But Ihana didn’t seem to be impressed.
Hun: ”No worries, I would never replace you, baby. Besides I cannot have duplicates.”
Ihana: ”Oh, is that so? You’d better not or I will kick the shit out of you!” -w-
Hun: ”But you don’t know any attack-”
Ihana: ”Shut it. You think I can’t hurt you if I want to?”
Hun: ”Okay, okay, just calm down!” .___.;
(Note to self: Don’t piss off Ihana, she can be dangerous.)

Yeah, I don’t have the whole day to waste with you…

Hun: ”Yes it did, here is your Zigzagoon Dad.”
Wally: ”Thank you both so much, without you I wouldn’t have gotten my first Pokemon! I will show you Hunna, Ralts and I shall go far!”
Hun: ”Huh, you are not naming it?”
Wally: ”Ralts is a gooood name!”
Yrjö and Ihana stared at him. You could clearly see they disagreed. And I disagreed too.
Hun: ”Also your Mom-”

And he ran outside. Yeah, I was just going to tell you that your Mom was looking for you.

Dad: ”Just continue up that road and you should arrive in a city called Rustboro. There is a Gym too, you should go and challenge the Gym Leader, Roxanne. After that, go and get more badges, okay?”
Hun: ”Yes, Dad.”
Dad: ”I am way too strong for you now, but I will tell you when you are ready to face me.”
Hun: ”Yes Dad. How do I-”
Dad: ”Shush Hunna. Never talk back to your Dad. You don’t want to make me upset, do ya’? I will give you a sign when it is time, do not worry honey. Now go, my little girl, make your Dad proud of you!”
Hun: ”Yes Dad, no Dad, understood Dad, roger that, Dad.”
Yrjö and Ihana frowned at me, but didn’t say a thing.

Next door… Nothing important.

Went to Pokemart, to get more BALLS!
The voice: ”Balls… balls… balls… You seem to like those balls a lot, Hunna. Even that old salesman’s-”
Hun: ”Oh shut it, will ya’?”

Hun: ”And now I will finally run to the next-!”
MeSoCoolGuy95: ”Hey guy, wait!”
Oh goddammit, not again!
*Hunna rips out her hair.*
MeSoCoolGuy95: ”Hey yo! U trainer yo man?”

Hun: ” -but I am a girl in case you didn’t notice.”
MeSoCoolGuy95: ”Oh you mommy’s boy then, bro. Yo you’re clothes not dirty enough! Not expensive enough! You are not cool, man. I search for pros, man. Not guys like you, man, you look like a little girl, man!”
Hun: ”I am not little. And I am a girl. Are you deaf or just fucking stupid? Did you drop your brains into your pants, since they are hanging so low?” -_____-;
MeSoCoolGuy95: ”Hey take it easy, bro, no fire, bro! Sorry to have taken ur precious time, you pussy. I will go search real talents you know, man!”
And finally he walked away, not a second too early.
”Oh goddammit, those results of the nineties…” I groaned.

Yaaaaaaaay. finally out of the town!
”Heyyy wait up! I want to fight!” I shouted while after running a guy, while my Pokemon stared at the two of us.
Hmph. I will just block your path.

Hun: ”…What?”
And the battle begins.

And it ends.
”Good job guys, you even leveled up together!” I cheered for them.
”And Ihana, you learned Confusion! Now you can fight on your own, without Yrjö’s help!”
Yrjö: ^___^
Ihana: ^__________^

Hun: ”…Magikarp only. Go Ihana, this is a piece of cake!”
A couple of Confusions later…

Hun: ”Yeah, everyone knows that, but apparently you don’t.

And some more not-so-clever people here. Who the hell leaves their door open and unlocked when they leave?

Hun:”…So, the genius is Mr. Briney, okay. When did he leave?”
Random Girl: ”I think it was two days ago.”
*Hunna and her Pokemon do a facepalm.*

Hun: ”And new route means new tall grass, which means more Pokemon!”

…And of course it is a Marill. I am not planning to have a Water-based team, so you won’t become my teammate. Sorry. You shall be named Poiju (Buoy).

Hun: ”If you say so.”

Level up!

Hun: ”I knew you guys could do it! Okay, bye-bye then.”

And now I get into… Petalburg Woods. Looks dark and it has long roads with a lot of tall grass…
Hun: ”Hey team, let’s go back to the cottage, shall we? I bet we can sleep there.”

And so we all went into Briney’s cottage to get a good night’s sleep.


And thanks a lot again if you read my story!!! ^w^
(And why I always have the piclimit hanging over me?…)

Next time, Petalburg Woods, and hopefully more team members!”


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