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*On monday morning hangover and the shivers

I have been listening this: Happoradio: Unelmia ja toimistohommia (cover)
…for 3 days in repeat. :D Luckily I live alone and I am not driving anyone crazy by doing it.
+ Lyrics and Translation

And ofc using that in the topic makes my old friend’s voice echoing in my head. ”How you know you have feeling similar to hangover since you never have hangovers?” (I still use it, because it is how I think hangover feels like. :P) No matter how drunk or passing out or fading memory… never got hangover. I would be really good alcoholic and make my finnish genes very proud, but I think less alcohol is better way to go for me. (What a waste!? :D)

I think last time I had bad urge to repeat a song for days was many years ago. I think my ”record” is 2 weeks for repeating one song. Last time it was this:
Usamimi Kamen -video & (Song + lyrics)

And that apparently lead into this:

(it is a cosplay of Usamimi Kamen I did for my ex, he helped some)

Erhem. And now to the mainpoint of my post:
I got a new computer! FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY! \^_______________^/ YAY!
It is still on layaway(paying in parts), but the computer is in here so! <3
That’s it, looks like that. And apparently the color just hit me only after I opened it from the package. I have named my computers(, external hard drives etc.) as characters from Phoenix Wright (game). My old gaming laptop, that I used for these past months as normal computer because of lacking one, I named it Edgeworth earlier. But when this baby came home, I couldn’t help it. No other name would have fitted it. No. So apparently this one is now Edgeworth. :D Welcome home new Edgis-baby! <3 Continue after the cut~
In case you are not familiar about PWAA-games or Edgeworth I have just one picture for you:

It is exactly 2x the size of my old comp. X) I was afraid I wouldn’t get used to this new OH-MY-GOD-IT-IS-SO-BIG -computer, but looks like I am getting used to it.

Got eyes back in use! :D Theehee~ (some of you might remember/seen the ones on my old computers… XD)

And apparently it also matches perfectly to my bling bling mouse. ^w^

I also bought 3DS XL (just finished paying it off) from my sis who wanted the new pink 3DS XL. Got screen protectors and new skins to it too.

Here is how it looked when I started (I forgot to take pic of the front before so I googled it).

And here is finished product:

It was missing couple holes and stuff so I cut them in, but yeah easy and cheap way to hide that ugly silver color. With gray I could have maybe dealt, but silver… ugh. It looks good in jewelry, otherwise I am not so fond of it. :P (What you prolly guessed already but whatevör.)

Also I tried out Just Dance 2 @Wii yesterday and it was AWESOME! :D Too little songs I like though. I bought it to try it out maybe 2 months ago, but never ended up opening or even trying it. My sis tried it the other day and ofc it made me curious and I tried it. I bought it so I would get my ass of this armchair more often or have some more exercise now that I am actually loosing weight dammit. I started ”Just Sweat” program on it and I should get certain amount of sweat points per week. Let’s see how it turns out, anyway very nice game to play, especially with a friend! *greetings for untuvikko who was visiting me yesterday* Luv ya! <3 It was nice to play, talk and eat together! And now I go back to playing! Thanks for reading! ^u^


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