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Hi! It has been couple weeks now, but I actually made sushi, twice this summer already. And here is pics, some taken on the first time, some on the second. The tips about stuff and where to get it might apply to Finland only though. (Sorry for superlong post. >_>; At least there is tons of nice pics!)
Bon appétit! :3

teaser of finished portion:

Tamago-nigiri (egg/muna), Ebi-nigiri (big shrimp/jättikatkarapu), 2x Shake-nigiri (salmon, used cold smoked/lohi, käytin kylmäsavustettua), 2x veggie gunkan-maki (cucumber/kurkku + paprika)

Makis: cucumber/paprika, paprika, paprika/shrimp, bamboo/paprika (yellow+red), cucumber and salmon/cucumber.

(Pic from Google.)
I used long paprikas (finn: Kutsun tätä suippo paprikaksi kun en muista millä nimellä sitä myytiin.) I bought it from Stockmann Herkku/Delicates where I bought most of the ingredients. I noticed my local grocery store (Sale) also has them, but I haven’t tried them and I am still bit skeptic about bying other veggies than root veggies (finn: en uskalla ostaa vihanneksista muita kuin juureksia) from small stores like that. (Nightmares about Siwa’s cucumbers and tomatoes – neverending…)

Sushi kits are good way to start, I bought one earlier so I had bamboo mat already in home. I will recommend this for first time and also if you want to try and are not sure you like sushi. There is only 4 sheets of seaweed on this Blue Dragon(=BD) sushi kit (price: ~10€) and BD pack of seaweed only, 10 sheets is ~5€.
(BTW all linked pics are originally from Google.)

Shopping list: (@ S = from Stockmann, usually not in normal stores, may also be found at ethnic food stores)
Rice (I bought sushi rice @ S)
Seaweed (I haven’t found anything but Blue Dragon, but they work well.) @ S

-Soy sauce @ S (I have tasted couple and I think they weren’t as good as old friend Kikkoman soy sauce so I will recommend it. Especially cheap ones were too sweet for my taste.)
Wasabi @ S (If you like it a lot and/or put it in nigirisushi I suggest you buy a tube, the ones with the kit are not enough. :P )
Japanese Vinegar @ S (You can also use Mirin I believe. Again Blue Dragon has been the best.)
Bamboo mat @ S

For filling:
-Bamboo @ S (Canned in water, I rinsed them, pretty bland in taste imo, I suggest to put something with it in the rolls, like paprika worked nicely.)
-Carrot (I have tasted, never done myself, but I suppose you soften them in steam (höyrytys) for couple minutes and remove the hard part in the middle.)
-Cucumber (The thinner/slimmer the better, if the middle is too big it makes it pretty wet)
-Melons (I have tasted honeydew/hunajameloni and cantaloupes, but not used them myself yet.)
-Salmon @ S, possibly in Kauppahalli too (May use other fish too, mostly sea fish because the fish isn’t cooked. When buying the fish I suggest you ask for fish that is for sushi/you can eat as is. Cold smoking FTW! \o/)
-Shrimps, big, @ S, possibly in Kauppahalli too

There might be other fillings too but I don’t use/like them so. (Like leek/purjo, radish/retikka and canned tuna/säilyketonnikala for example.)

Start preparing!

Cooking the eggs.
I used this recipe as a base. (in Finnish)
First time I used maybe little bit more soy sauce than in the recipe and second time I tried with less.
Results: 1st was better in sushi, but I couldn’t eat it ”as is”.
2nd was good as is, but too bland in sushi, even when dipped in soy sauce.
So depending on how you are going to use it (or if you like salty put more) decide how much to put on it.

Also I checked multiple recipes, one said roll the omelette 3 times, but that was totally not enough, around 5 times I got much better shape to use with sushi. Of course in other purposes 3 is okay, but with this it totally isn’t. (My pan is 24 cm/9,5 inches wide I think.) First fold is about 2,5-3cm (2,5= 1 inch, or bit more) if that helps anyone. I folded the first omelette it in half first and then 5 times in the other direction, to make it the roll thick enough.
(I used 4 eggs, second time 6 eggs = that was better. It makes about 5 slices for sushi. If you want to make full roll, around 10 slices, instead half one, I would recommend using 12 eggs. With that you skip the part where folding the omelette in half in the beginning.)

…and of course I remembered I have crepe pan I could have used NOW. >___<;;; Oh well, next time...
Chopped cucumbers and paprikas.
-When you chop the cucumbers, try to leave every piece a bit of the peel, it will stay better in piece and looks prettier. Also won’t be so wetty.
When picking the cucumber choose thinner one, if the middle/seed part is too big it will be too wet. If there is only big cucumbers available I suggest you to remove the seed part in the middle.
-Paprika looks nicer if there is mixed red and yellow paprikas together, but this time they only had long red paprikas so I bought just them. I used only 1 long paprika, and there is 2 on a bag so. Sometimes on Stckmann they have redx2 and sometimes red/yellow. I don’t think green paprikas are commonly used, but I guess if you like them you can use them too.

Paprikas are about as long as the seaweed sheet, bamboo mat in the picture for reference (seaweed sheet is smaller than the mat, about from first string to the last string).

Egg rolled in shape and first piece cut off.

Cutting the fish.
I always buy sliced if possible, it takes long enough to make sushi even without that.
Fish cut into nigiri-size pieces; normal and small and the leftovers sliced thin to fit the maki-rolls.

Maki-rolls before cutting into pieces.

Finished Tamago-nigiris.

Finished makis. Cucumber, paprika and cucumber/salmon.

(About the maximum amount of seeded part in cucumber in the maki.)


Finished veggie-gunkan.

Gunkand before filling.

Mayonnaise put in.


Finished dish.
Note: Do not put water on the seaweed @gunkan whole way or it end wet like this. Put water to seal the seaweed only in the bottom, where the rice is.

Small portion for my sis. (She is allergic to many things and cannot eat lot fish so.) She also liked egg and shrimp nigiris. I should have put that bamboo with cucumber for her to be able to eat it. :S Well, next time…

Egg rolled again, sliced. And yes, it tore a bit even with really sharp knife, so take out your best knives. In anything you cut while making sushi. I used steak knives, for some reason they are sharper than chopping knives i have, and they should be good too.

(Once a friend of mine asked for the sharpest knife in the household while we were cooking food. I gave her one of those steak knives. It is really thin and looks like you couldn’t do much with it. There happened to be empty plastic margarine container and she asked if she could try cutting that since the knife is so sharp. She cut it and it dig in like it was butter! After that she approved the sharpness of that knife. :D )

Shrimps cut open. I left the cuts that didn’t look so good to fill makis, but I think it was really mild in maki, compared to the seaweed. So I think the best way to enjoy shrimps on sushi (at least these ones) is to make them into nigiris. Shrimps in sweet chili sauce (@ Stockmann)/other seasoning could work better in the makis though.

Sliced bamboo.

Sliced and diced cucumber. Diced is for the gunkan.

Same but with paprikas +eggrolls in the backround.

Finished Tamago-nigiri. These turned out better than the first ones and weren’t so much falling apart.

Yes. All those boxes are full of sushi. :D And I ate one portion out of the total amount.

Ingredients cost about 20-30 euros so this is actually very cheap way to have it. Compared that you can get 1-2 portions of sushi in restaurant for that price (that wont leave you hungry. :P )

It is very time consuming to make. It took me 4 hours to make them (1kg rice, cooked) without eggs, 4,5h with eggs and last time when i made 1,5kg of rice it took over 6/7 hours. All done myself alone, starting from cooking the rice(included in the time). Of course it goes faster if you have someone to help you.

BTW gunkan is good on the day after making, but I wouldn’t keep it there too long. Eating them asap is the best option. As for how long I have had sushi stored in the fridge and it is still good is 5 days (then I have run out of them. Still I would store them as short time as possible).

Thanks for looking/reading! ^w^ <3


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