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Finally have grown my own nails long enough to do pokenails again. Here is some and also results of the growing. After getting my nails ruined with too much fake nails usage (in a row) + quit drinking milk = not getting calcium. I started taking calcium in the beginning of the year and now biotin for couple months or something.

I normally never got my nails this long, they always rip on the edges, now i have only ripped my (left) index finger nail once. They also feel stronger. The surface isn’t that smooth yet what i would like it to be, but it think it will also eventually even out. I have sanded the worst out of it, but i don’t want it to get too thin, so not much.

But more pokenails! Butterfree, Venonat, Trapinch, Squirtle and Bronzong this time.


Venonat (fuck making those dots with left hand)
I actually totally forgot that i couldn’t do big eyes on my right hand, and i realized it during painting it. So I just moved the pattern one nail towards the pinkie pie. So there should be placed like Butterfree ones.

Bulbasaur (@ my sis’ nails)

Chicorita (also @ my sis’ nails)

Bulbasaur + Chicorita
It is kinda funny how I still find making nails for others harder than doing my own with left hand. XD



(note the long nail on index finger \o/ which i had to even out though since it got not dent/”hole” in the middle)

The nail length currently, evened out after last pic. (I know the finger looks kinda bad in this, I just got crack on it and I thought it would never stop bleeding + some skin peeled off.)

What my index finger’s lenght was before, I think it was 1-2mm less than this at it’s worst. Nail on middle finger for comparison, though it also has got to the length normal nail should be. All the fingers have too long white part still, where it should be red, but I hope it will also get better by time passing.)

And in the end the rest of nails without polish on:

Lookin pretty good, huh? Also Never got thumb nails as long as in this pic, never. (I know after i stopped biting my nails i have grown some fingers quite long, but never thumbs.)

And again thanks for looking & reading! Hope you liked it! ^w^

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