Once upon a time ~ I started drawing again

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Hi! I have got back into drawing again, after really long pause and actually done more than just couple pics. Hooray! \^_______________________________^/
I also got feeling I will keep drawing for some time, it feels good and I can get it look like I want. So it feels even better.

So today I present you some of my drawings! :3
All of these are done with pencil (unless stated otherwise) and the darkened version is edited in photoshop. Gotta say scanning A3 pics is pain(t) in the ass – because you have to edit them together from 3 pieces (shades in the edges so 2 isn’t enough)… Also the pencil/original versions are lighter than in real life. And since I am having hard time to pick favourites, you get both versions. ^u^


My Guardian – Suojelus (guarding someone)

Done by pencil.
This is dedicated to my dear 7. <3

HOX! There is pictures behind the link that are NSFW (Not Safe For Work). They contain (artistic) nudity etc. You have been warned.

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