Finally snow that stays?

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These pics were taken on Sunday, it was soooooo pretty, (and after it melted quite fast from the trees, I guess I was right in the moment when taking these). And all pics are taken before 4pm/16.00 in the afternoon, so yes, it is really dark in here already.

The main difference…
If this was United Kingdom, everyone would shit their pants BECAUSE OMFG SNOW you cannot possibly go anywhere! Schools are closed, shops are closed, trains won’t work/run and everyone sits home or something. (2-5cm/1-2 inches of snow is enough to get the whole England upside down!)

In here, we say ”oh is this finally a PROPER SNOW!?” Aka it will stay and won’t melt away?
Was there ever school closed because of ”too cold” or ”too much snow”? -NO.
If it is -35°C (-31°F) and your school is over 2km (1,24 miles) away – too bad for you. No matter if you had to wade trough the snow, or you felt like freezing to death or you look like iceman (frost in every ”hair” in your face) or if it was so icy that skates would be much better than shoes (ofc you can’t use them since there is gravel/small rocks spread around everywhere – if you’re lucky they prevent you from falling over).

Nothing is closed either. Trains may have some problems/be late (in Southern Finland/”Helsinki metropolitan area”) but that’s about it. And it doesn’t effect me anyway.
Some people even ride a bike all year around. I used to do it too before my first knee surgery. After that I always changed in to bus in winter. You just need winter/studded tires and snowplows (which wake you up every morning in 5am if you are not used to it). -And I recommend studs in your shoes too.

Highest snow I recall being over 2 meters (6 feet 7 inches), not plowed pile of snow, it reached the roof on the side of a building, this was in Salla tough (in Lapland) and not my home town. I think the coldest I have experienced here is -35/-36°C, don’t know if I have hit colder while traveling.

Andddddddddddd to the pics then! :D ”Finally!”

Sunset – so pretty~ <3

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