Dresses for 7 and bone keychains~

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Sexy ass- I mean I sewed dresses! >u< ;;; I think it compliments her really well, especially this red one I am going to show first. :D So sexy back~ <3 Finally I can sew clothes I like so much, but don't fit my body! \^w^/ As some of you may be aware 7 was visiting me for couple months and during the time I also sewed these dresses for her and did the keychains as souveniers. To be exact my friend and her dad did the cutting, drilling and sanding on the bones, as well as butchered the reindeers (they live near the boarders up north and take care of reideers too), but since limited time I tried my hands on the carving (with my doll modding tools! XD) and it worked better than I expected. Might not be good enough for pro's, but at least everyone who got one liked them, so mission accomplished! \o/

I have also turned older and have eaten out in one Chinese restaurant with some friends to celebrate it, that was fun! \OwO/ And have b-day party after I am not persauki anymore. (It means you are broke, literally ”ass open”… XD) I never really paid attention to the wording, but when I translated it some time ago… Yeah.
I guess Georgey wasn’t that much wrong when he said ”every other word in Finnsh means penis” tough I would say somehow sexual instead. BTW there is 142 words for penis in Finnish, according to this site. :P Tough I would say that around 40 is something that about everyone knows, many of them i had never heard before.

Either way if I manage to do a decent cake, it will hopefully end up in here! C: My mom has normally just bought and got us cakes but since she is out of the town I think I will go ahead and see what I can do! Something nerdy ofc! >:3 (Inb4 I fail miserably… XD)

My playlist lately: Finnish musikku!~

Also don’t remember last time on my b-day there wasn’t really snow a lot. This looks now same as it did April last year. There is even green grass somewhere after couple warm days. o____O;;; I like winter a lot, but the start of spring and sun reflecting from snow is the part of year I hate most, so having not a lot snow while sun shines more, is actually quite nice. I still need to use sunglasses, but i am not half as worried on getting a migraine just for getting out of the fucking house! :D

Either way, back to the original subject in this post, hopefully you like the dresses too! I know we do!
Red one! :3

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