Pixel art and Brush pen love~

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First I have a note for readers in Finland!
I have opened my wig orders till 15th April.
More info @ Hunajasieni Shop


Then to the actual post~

I did signature for my Nuzlocke run.
Yeah the girl is supposed to be me. :D

Paint & Photoshop, all done in computer.

The run in Nuzlocke forums:
1st Hunnalocke: Running around Hoenn

And if you prefer, on my blog.

And another signature for 7th’s run, Wendy with N staring at your soul.

Paint & Photoshop, all done in computer.

Link to the run on Nuzlocke forums:
Burning peace

Anddddd I FINALLY got more ink/containers for my brush pen! I also got second pen while I was at it, because why not, and it was good to get it too! :3

Here is a woman for you, test/try out for the pen, that I actually like quite much! :3
I will prolly have more of this later!~

Thanks for looking! ^w^ <3

Hama beads and crafts~

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Hiya again! This time some more hama bead works, tough these were done in last year. Never got my lazy ass up to picture all of them, and the one I gave for 7 obviously couldn’t be shown before she got it while visiting me. ;)

There is also couple baskets I did for my worker who I no longer work with, along with a card. She has been great help for these 2 years gone trough after divorce and all other shit. She was awesome~ (Feel kinda wistful for it coming to an end.) Progress has been amazing, even tough I often feel I haven’t really had any.

My newest update of my Hunnalocke (Nuzlocke run) is also done, it is on proofreading. So if you follow it, there should soon be update on it! :3 I also have finally ordered pokemon X/Y games! They should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday, and I am excited! Some of you may know I have had serious setback on wanting to play the games, so I haven’t. My desire to play has been rising it’s head again for couple weeks (last one I had was on Christmas but didn’t get the game so it went off…) and last week when my sis visited it finally burst and I went ahead and ordered them. I had no mood to play for them for months, so now that I finally do I would like to use the opportunity. Hopefully I don’t hate the 3D too much… :D

Other notes for the day, were that I found out the market I go to get more special stuff didn’t stop selling my favourites on ”natural snacks” section, aka freeze-dried fruit flakes (pineapple ones <3) and cinnamon flavored apple chips. They were doing rearranging and whatnot so last time there wasn’t either of those.

But let’s get on with it, Bubble Bobble! :3

And rest behind the cut like always~
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