Mau …and long time no see

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Puuhkis! The time sure has passed. I had more intense period on my life, and apparently right after it started, my blog-writing has pretty much died up… :D But, I am still here, still alive, and I even have some new pics! I took pics of Mau first to sell her, but apparently I didn’t feel so much like selling her after I took the pics, so for now she will stay. ^w^

Tough, I have lot of doll stuff for sale and so on. If you are interested, click here!
(Note that if outside Finland + Paypal, the prices and stuff won’t match. It is also all written in Finnish.)

I have also been on summer vacation, yay! \o/ Last summer I had none, so double-yay! Tough I didn’t really get anything done I wanted… I wanted to do face ups for dolls, but dolly room still needs cleaning so I can do that… v.v

And rest of the house isn’t cleaned either. Only room i got cleaned was bedroom and vacooming bed and mattress finally. There was shit ton of skin, you know, rash and scratching… And I didn’t even plan to do it all in once, but small piece at a time (like one room per day/week or something). Well, if nothing else, I have fixed the kitchen and habits on it. Pre-washing/rinsing dishes is pretty important when living alone and it takes forever to have enough to use the dishwasher… :D

Yesterday I had first day on work (rehabilitating) after summer vacation. I was so afraid to go, like it was not enough there was pause/vacation, the buses have been fucked up and there was couple drunkards in the bus stop (after 10 am in the morning! WTF… summer?). Well at least they didn’t talk to me or anything, but still.

Everything went nice and smooth tough, the foods in there are really good too. <3 I was half-dead because I couldn’t sleep in the night before (I was too nervous and worried and stuff) and the weather… ugh. It was not raining when I went there, but the pressure in the air… the humidity… I don’t complain a lot about it, since in Finland the humidity is really not a big problem, it usually is lasting only one day, 2 at max, and that is only before rain/thunder/storm and after that is over, the humidity goes back on normal levels (aka not humid).

It actually rained so bad, i think in English you would say it is raining cat’s and dogs. Finns would say it is raining like from a bucket (very big one, saavi, you can even fit a small person in one) …or it is raining like from Esteri’s ass. :D These are one of the things you never really think about, you just say it, it is a phrase. But when talking to my friends who only speak English (or we can only communicate with English), I have started noticing that we have shit ton of phrases, that are erm, questionable?… XD You don’t really think about them, since the meaning of it is so obvious.

Persauki, ”Ass open” = to be broken, not having any money, penniless
Kusessa ollaan, ”We are in piss” = We are screwed
Perseet olalle, ”Asses on the shoulder” = to get super wasted/drunk
Kyrpä otassa, ”Dick in the forehead” = being very pissed off or angry

I actually asked dad to drive me home, since it was raining so heavily and I had summer clothes, there was 15cm water on the roads some places, I don’t even want to think how bad all the underpasses were… And I knew he couldn’t work on the construction site with thunder and all, it is really dangerous with no proper grounding and tons of metal parts exposed, so he would be free. It is handy at times to live in same city with your parents. :)

But yeah. The buses… Apparently, using same numbers, or similar for years… Is very stupid! Soooooooo we will mess up everything! Ever since I was like 12, the buses numbers and lines have stayed mostly same, changing only couple a year or fixing schedules and routes and whatnot. So! I knew pretty much every bus where it goes or if I could use it when I needed to go in centrum or whatnot. Not to talk about certain parts of the city. So I am pretty pissed off, apparently the old ones were based on some ancient thing and they would do them better…

I just don’t get why you have to change ALL of them. Even some routes/lines stay same, but they change the number. Only couple have been kept like they were. there was about 30 routes/bus-lines, plus ones that go outside to nearby cities. So yeah, thank you city, for fucking things up! I can imagine the frustration of the drivers when everyone asks where this bus goes, stopping every bus to ask if you can use it.

But, here is Mau! (means Meow)

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