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(I am still alive, have been busy with all kind of things lately, now mostly doing christmas gifts to everyone. I hopefully update some point, noticed this had been not published in my blog, so I am putting it up now, kinda late. (It’s been on Nuzlocke forums since April.)
It also may be last part of this, since apparently I have lost the heat to continue this, i mean i started it 1,5 years ago… So.
Either way, hope you enjoy!)


Warning: contains foul language!

Hunnalocke: All parts

(This is people at Nuzlocke forums.)
I will start this with clearing out who is based on/named after who, if it is unclear for some ppl and whatnot. :)

Yrjö is Lordgeorge16.
Ihana is Chihana.
Kori is TheProjectCore.

The Mystery Voice is 7th Y (Some of them being actual comments I got during my play).
(Second voice was actually Charizard_Noob, it has appeared only once tough.)

Thanks for Rhyder for proofreading! <3

Also if you wonder why some of the pics are bigger, it is because I felt the edition didn’t show well enough from smaller one, like toes or eyes etc.


So, last time Yrjö evolved into Marshtomp and reached the cottage near Rusturf tunnel. So lets get going!

Man1: ”We were searching there for different kind of pokemon, but this crazy man told us to get the fuck out of there, so now we have nothing better to do than fuck around in this cottage. Want to join?”
”Erm no thank you, I will just go now. Err, bye!” I said and backed off with my pokemon.
”You know where to find us if you change your mind!” he shouted after me.

”Let’s get going then,” I said when we got outside. Suddenly Ihana was tugging on my shoe.
”What is it lil’ baby?” I asked her.
”My paws are hurting,” she whined. ”I want to be carried!” OwO she continued and made prolly the cutest face I’ve ever seen. I smiled and took her in my arms. ”Oh, okay.” We then went ahead to examine the tunnel.

…Just to find out you can’t get trough it because of the collapsing rock. Well, we could still get a catch from the tunnel…

I named her Murina, that means growling, so it has double fitting as name for her. It also means I am not going to use her in my team.
Having nothing better to do, we returned the city.

”Okies my team, this is it – our first gym.” I said nervously, followed by a loud gulp. ”Yrjö even evolved, we should be okay…” I am not really sure if I was trying to convince them or myself, though.


Hun: ”Okies, what is you expert advice then?”
Rockman: ”Roxanne is a tough girl! She only uses ROCK HARD POKEMON! It isn’t so good against-”
”Rock hard!?… She uses rock pokemon? Seriously?!” I said and stupid grin grew on my face. ”Ahahaaa it is a rock gym pals! LOL! We have nothing to worry about. Yrjö can pe- I mean water gun them to death. Let’s see Roxanne! We’re gonna beat her up! BUAHAHAHAA!” I busted out in manic laughter. ”Roxanne I am coming for you!”

”Kinky~” said the voice.
”Argh! Not again…” I complained. ”Hey mons, lets go now!” I said and we went ahead to fight the trainers.
Rockman: ”Hey! D: What about my expert advice!?”
”Pfft on your ”expert” advice,” I snarled.

Few seconds later…
Hun: ”Yeah sure. Tell me why you got OHKOed then?”
The guy gave me the finger and mumbled something.


Hun: ”That could be it, but I think we will!”
Marc: ”Hohhohhoo, if you are thinking yourself that big, you don’t mind me joining the fight right?”
”Bring it on!” I shouted, placing Ihana in front of me. ”Ihana and Yrjö, you go do it!”

”Well done!” I cheered.

Hun: ”I will show you who is feisty! And no, I am not buying anything!”
”Hunna-chan I think he means something else. He is going to give you something big and blac- the voice went ahead again.
”Asdf you again. Guess what, I have something for you,” I said, trying to look around for her, for nothing again.
”I’m right here lil Hunna-chan,” she said.
”Have some of my international hand sign,” I said and showed my middle finger on the way I heard her the voice from. And still couldn’t see her.
”Oh why are you showing me this finger? You want me to suck it or something?” she replied and i could clearly hear amusement on her voice.
”Goddammit! I… I will just go now, kthnx bye,” I said to her and grabbed Ihana on my arms again and started determinedly walking towards the gym leader. She was still shouting something after me, but I ignored it.

”Okies team. You ready? Better be, for better or worse,” I said to them. They all nodded to me, so I poked Roxanne.

”Hiyaa! And I am Hunna and here are my pokepals,” I said waving at them.
”We shall battle then. Let’s see who takes the lead,” Roxanne said.
Hun: ”Bring it on!”

”Good job guys!” I cheered on them while Geodude was going down.

”One more to go!”

And one more water gun.

”Look at my George! My George is amazing!” I singed.
*Yrjö facepalms.* (Heads up: George = Yrjö.) Ihana and Kori were giggling.
Hun: ”Give it a lick!”
Yrjö: ”HEY!”
”It tastes like-” I continued.
”HUNNA! Please, he said very emphatically.
”Okay okay… Kikikiki!” I said and then cleared my throat. ”Erhem… Yay team! Great work everyone!” I praised them. ”We got our first gym badge!” \:D/
”It seems that I still have much more to learn. Please accept the official Pokemon League Stone Badge,” she continued.
”Thanks,” I said, putting it on my trainer card. She also gave me a new TM! :3

Hun: ”You mean your ”expert” advice? Pfft! Let’s get outta here pals.”
Rockman: ;;___;;

But we didn’t get far till we saw someone running and pushing me away from the road!

”Hmph,” I snarled.

”Hunna-nee-sama are you okay?” Ihana asked poking my tummy.

”Did you get hurt?” Yrjö and Kori said with one accord. Yrjö glared quickly at Kori and then looked back at me.

”Yeah, I… I think I am okay,” I said when getting back up again and wiped dust off my clothes.
”Maybe I am dirty enough now for that uppity kid from year 1995,” I smeared.
”But Hunna-chan, weren’t you always dirty? I mean at least your mind was,” the mysterious voice spoke again.
”I-” I started but then…

Hun: ”Oh it’s that guy again… Foods? Seriously?”
Our whole group looked him a bit weird.
”Well I gues we could go see what the fuss was about,” I said to my pokemon and started leading us after them.

Hun: ”Yeah, it’s me.”
Hun: ”Okay, okay, but don’t fucking scream! You’ll make the whole team deaf, and then we won’t want to help you.”
THE Researcher: ”I was robbed by Team Aqua thug! I have to get the DEVON FOODS back! It is really important!”
Hun: ”Why you don’t go buy more food from-”
THE Researcher: ”NO! I need those foods!… If I don’t… I am in serious trouble! It is important! Pretty please?”
Hun: ”Okay, we will go see what we can do. We will return soon.”
THE Researcher: ”THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! Go fast, before he does something rash!”
”Goddamn, my ears!” I muttered…

We went all the way to the cottage and the thug wasn’t seen anywhere.
”Hey, maybe that guy knows something!” I said pointing on the granpa next to the cave entrance. We walked at him.
Hun: ”Hey excuse me sir but-”

Hun: ”Um could you-”

”Nevermind,” I said and gave up. ”Seriously, why is everyone so fucking retarded? And now this will ring in my ears for hours goddammit.”

”You said it,” Yrjö snarled. ”Let’s get going, I don’t want to hear one more Peeko…”

And we entered the cave.

Hun: ”Hey I am hungry too! So hand over those foods you stole!”
Aqua thug: ”No way! This means war!… Or battle at least!”

Eh heh.
I took the foods while Yrjö was pointing at him. Then the thug ran away, and we heard a loud scream. It came closer… and fucking echoed in the cave. GODDAMMIT GRANDPA!

”No need to thank me…” I muttered after him.

Hun: ”So you run out of the cave grown up man, but you are scared of one thug?”
Riley: ”He threatened to kill the pokemon.”
Hun: ”Ah ok. I guess I wasn’t scarylooking enough then or something.”
*Riley runs off to dig some more.*

Hun: ”Of course we did. There you go.”
THE Researcher: ”You need to come with me. You have helped our company so much! You need to see my boss! Now!”
”Um…” I started but he took my hand and dragged me with him.

I have heard you have helped THE Researcher not only once, but twice! That is excellent young lady. Here take these,” he said and gave me bag of great balls.
”I have a favor to ask of an amazing person like you.”
(For short: Letter for Steven @Dewford and package for Shipyard @Slateport. Got pokenav for doing it. Nice, got my salary before doing anything! \:D/)
”Try to avoid team Aqua, and team Magma too.”

”Wait what, there is another team of those thugs? Jeez…”
”I believe you can ask Mr. Briney to sail you there, he lives-”
”Yeah I know where he lives. Okay, I will go now.”
”Good luck.”

Worker1: ”I wish we had the FOODS. Nothing works without the foods…”
Worker2: ”I’m developing new kind of pokeballs… But I haven’t made much headway…”
Worker3: ”I am trying to do a dream producing machine… But it’s not going well. I need more-”
Hun: ”Foods, yeah I know.”
Worker4: ”I am trying to invent noodles that taste like pokemon! I think it would be a big hit! But-”
Hun: ”Yeah, let me guess, it isn’t going well.”
Worker4 ”How did you guess it…”
*Hunna rolls eyes.*

Hun: ”Err, what?”
Yet-another-worker: ”It’s Auuuum!”
Hun: ”Aum?”
Worker3: ”Yeah don’t mind her, she’s a bit crazy, but she is naturally best in developement here, so… Did you get us the foods?”
Hun: ”Yeah go ask your boss about it.”
And then in a blink of an eye everyone except Yet-another-worker run to upstairs.
Okayy… @__@;;;
Yet-another-worker: ”You are cuuuuuuuuteiii. So naaaaaaais~”
Hun: ”Eh, thanks.”
Yet-another-worker: ”So Auuuuum! <3"

Teamcheck again~
And now we can get to next city, yeaaaah!

…Or not. Fucking Brendan, always popping up. :D
Hun: ”Yeah I have some.”

Brendan: ”LET’S BATTLE!”
Hun: ”Okay let’s go team, we can do it! Yrjö you go first!”
So Yrjö ran between us.

…Or you can just kill your Treecko by him hitting himself endlessly on confusion.
Hun: ”Yay Ihana, you did it! And leveled up too! Good job everyone again!”


Hun: ”You didn’t learn it last time already? I can beat your sorry ass anytime!”
Brendan: ”Hmph.”
I grinned at him.
”By the way, do you know Mr. Briney? I bet you didn’t know this, since you just moved here Hunna, but he was once a great sailor,” Brendan said.
”I know, I just got told to go meet him. We’re supposed to go sailing for stuff.” I said.
”Errr… okay,” Brendan said and looked at me weird. ”Well good luck with that then, I will just get going.”
”Ok, bye,” I said to him. I turned to my pokemon and said ”Didn’t he seem odd to you? Well mostly Yrjö since others haven’t seen him before.”
”If you ask me, he is always weird,” Yrjö said. ”Just look at him, there he goes, talking himself again.”
”I guess you are right,” I said. ”Let’s get running then!”
But before I started Ihana was tugging my leg again. I grabbed a towel from my bag and tied her on it and put her in the front.

”Last one at Briney’s cottage is a rotten egg!” I shouted and we went running.

…Tough we didn’t get so far, before getting in to a fight.
”That is a bit late to realise it, right?” I said to her.
Then I looked behind her. There was a tree!
”Hey I should have cut and now I can use it since I beat Roxanne! Let’s teach it to someone-” I started, but

(…I mean seriously? Poochyena has fucking claws. Has fucking fangs. ”It savagely threatens foes with bared fangs” says pokedex. HOW THE FUCK it doesnt learn CUT? Asdfasflfsaldas…)

Stupid trees…

I went ahead and took my rage on the guy next to her.
Hun: ”I will battle you!”
Rich boy: ”Oh sure, I’ll accept your challenge. My name is Winston. I have a lot of money.”
Hun: ”Yeah whatever.” Who seriously cares you have money? I am not available for you, not even for money. Pfft.

”Money won’t bring you that,” I said.
Winston: ”Here, let’s change numbers. After all, I have plenty of money.”
”I don’t care about your fucking money, but here is my number. I can come to beat your ass again.”
”Beat his ass -again? I didn’t know you had met him before,” said the voice, teasing me again. Hunna-chan you are so naughty! I could hear her laugh in my ears.
”Hey one thing. Not now! Thank you,” I said grumping.
”Fair enough, she said and got quiet.

But I had a problem. None of my pokemon could learn cut. It would mean I would lose items and fights. What to do, what to do…
I took a map from my pocket, and stared at it. Then finally, my eyes catched something.
”Let’s get going Yrjö and Kori, come!” I shouted and we spurted.

”Okay guys, this is route 103. And I actually didn’t encounter any pokemon here when we challenged Brendan with Yrjö. So my plan is to go and see if we could get a pokemon to learn cut. You ready?”
Pokemon nodded and we run to the bushes.

Few moments later we had a new catch!
And instead of naming him zigzag I named him Raita, it means a stripe. (Yeah you guessed right, not in the team either. He is a good HM whore- I mean slave.)

And fuck yeaaaaah! Learned cut! Wohoo!

After running around to fight everyone and cut everything and have all items possible to grab, we were finally at Briney’s cottage again.
”Okay guys, let’s get in, and finally see this Mr. Briney!”


”Oh… my… Arceus…” I said staring at them. My team stared too.
”Um… we have to set sail… with him? Just… urgh” I whispered to them.
Briney: ”RUN PEEKO, RUN!
I cleared my throat. ”Ahem. Mr. Briney, could you go sail with us now?”
No reaction.
Still nothing…
”Okay guys, let’s sit down and cook something while we wait for response…” I told them. We sat on the other side of the cottage and I started cooking.

…Aaaand it is a good place to stop.
To be continued…

Thanks for looking/watching/reading! <3 Yay!~


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