Rat Drinking game – Chapter 1

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Warning: mature content / foul language / drinking / stupidity!

Rat Drinking Game
My new Pokemon Red version Nuzlocke run, comic this time. :3
Planning to update once in 1-2 weeks, for starters at least.

So… For a long while I wanted to start a drinking game playing pokemon. I thought it was a funny idea. But… I also wanted to do a nuzlocke. That was not so good idea. After playing some, I thought I could use it to make a comic, which was slightly better idea.
So this is what it is. Hopefully you will have as much fun reading this, that I had making it! :D

The story is told as I remember it afterwards, so I don’t take any responsibilities on how truthful these drunken memoirs are.

The banner:

And rest here, behind the cut.
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Serpent and flowers (image heavy)

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So, Happy Valentine’s day for everyone! Or if we look at it in Finland, it is Ystävänpäivä aka Friend’s day. I always liked ours better, since I would rather remember friends, if there is, than dating someone (it has more celebrations either way). It is a nice day.

Either way, for this day, I have finally some doll pictures. 7’s flowers with my Serpent, who is my latest pullip family doll I think, tough bought long long time ago already. (2 years ago?)

I finally got him a wig last month, I had longer leeke ”real red” wig (darn limited!), so I knew I wanted that color, and finally after months of debating, got it from one Finnish forum. It suits him perfectly, his stock wig is one of the most horrible wigs I have ever seen. Even 7 looked at it like what the hell is this. :DDD (She doesn’t collect dolls btw, so it was that bad.)

Either way. Let’s get to the pictures.
Till Dawn. (I think his name is Dawn.)

More pictures behind the link:
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