Rat Drinking game – Chapter 1

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Warning: mature content / foul language / drinking / stupidity!

Rat Drinking Game
My new Pokemon Red version Nuzlocke run, comic this time. :3
Planning to update once in 1-2 weeks, for starters at least.

So… For a long while I wanted to start a drinking game playing pokemon. I thought it was a funny idea. But… I also wanted to do a nuzlocke. That was not so good idea. After playing some, I thought I could use it to make a comic, which was slightly better idea.
So this is what it is. Hopefully you will have as much fun reading this, that I had making it! :D

The story is told as I remember it afterwards, so I don’t take any responsibilities on how truthful these drunken memoirs are.

The banner:

And rest here, behind the cut.

Drinking game rules:
+ Level up – 1 shot
+ Beat team Rocket Leader – 1 shot
+ Beat Rival – 2 shots
+ Defeat Gym Leader – 2 shots
+ Pokemon evolves – 2 shots
+ Pokemon dies (faints, own) – 2 shots

Nuzlocke rules:

1. If a Pokemon faints, it’s dead. You cannot use it anymore. You must bury it (box/release).

2. Catch the first Pokemon you encounter in a new area (route/city/forest/cave/whatever).
2.1. Absolute Dupes Clause:
If the first encounter is a Pokemon that has already been caught, you cannot capture it. So you cannot get a replacement for a Pokemon that was killed. You must catch the first Pokemon that isn’t a duplicate.
2.2. Pokeball Clause:
When you have no access to Pokeballs, at the start, encounters don’t count. They start counting only after getting your first Pokeballs. After that, if you run out of balls, well, sucks to be you!

3. RNG will be used for starter picking, and may also be used in other things too if needed.

4. Trading is not allowed, but you may trade Pokemon back and forth only to make it evolve.

5. HM slaves are allowed.

6. All Pokemon must be nicknamed.

Chapter 1:


Thank you for reading! ^____^ I hope you liked it!

Special thanks for 7th for helping me with this thing. :D

You can also blame Rasvakeitin for this. :D

All parts:

The run in Nuzlocke forums:

If you prefer watching on deviant art:


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