Rat Drinking game – Chapter 4

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Warning: mature content / foul language / drinking / stupidity!

Rat Drinking Game
Pokemon Red version Nuzlocke comic run. :3

So people who read my last post will know, but my comp actually broke and I had it fixed, so this is why it got delayed in all the hassle. But finally next part! ^^;;;

Next chapter hopefully comes faster now that i got my comp. I have drawn couple chapters more, so after those done I will draw more…
(Also I won’t be updating every week/other week, I think it works better for me that way too. I will update irregularly.)

Also note about loading save files, I use save state for faster saving (not in battles for example, just like normal ingame saving) and I have accidentally clicked ”load save” instead of ”save state” couple times. (And it fits this drunky comic imo too, so it is included. XD)

Part 4 behind the cut!~

Chapter 4:

Thank you for reading! ^w^ Hope you enjoyed it!

All parts:

The run in Nuzlocke forums:

If you prefer watching on deviant art:


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