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Hi! I ordered Rin Hoshizora (by Azone) in January this year. Little did I know, it was going to be a lot longer wait than I was ever ready for. She was supposed to come out in May. I sat on the money, because Amiami charges it when it arrives. Well, wait tenses up. I wanted to order something to go with her, but their ordering system was really unfriendly to customer in my opinion. I couldn’t order the things to go with her, of course after it got delay it was good i did not, but I had more trouble with them than I thought I would. I was pissed too since they didn’t apologize or anything, tough at least they told me she was delayed. For 3 months. Of course this (the delay) is not Amiami’s fault, but I didn’t like how they handled the customer service. I was not ready for the waiting. I didn’t know Azone could fuck it up that much.

I have waited long times before. First super long wait was 6 months, when the doll was supposed to get ready for shipping after 1 month, 2 at max. It was Custom House and they had sales that were cheap in price, I guess they underestimated the amount of orders they would get. Needless to say that sucked ass too. Second and my longest before this, was from Soom, before they fixed their chedule. It was my first Soom order, and needless to say it sucked too. That was 7 months. I even got a doll shipped from them before, who was ordered 2 or 3 months later, from the same company. Well I am glad they fixed the schedule, because long waiting times suck.

But back to Rin. Well, it didn’t end there. On August, they had another delay, of 1 month. Same thing on September. I really started to crack up by them. Then FUCKING FINALLY they got it. And the sitting ended, I paid it, and the doll was shipped. It still took time and went on November and then I finally got her. I was worried the whole thing would make me unable to like her and all, since long waiting times have sucked my bond with some dolls before, because there was so much negativity before I got it. Thank god it didn’t happen with Rin, she is the cutest thing ever. ♥

But let’s dig in with the opening pics, she will also model with the new outfit I knitted before she came (for Monster High tough, fitted her too), so showing kinda handcrafts too. ^^
Also don’t mind the crappy inside light, the sun had set long before I got home with her to open her… ._.;;;

Rest here like always:

closeups from the face:

Here is everything that came with the doll.

And here is just the stock-outfit.

And the problem with head dress… It doesn’t stay up like it should. Puppeteer told me I could use the pins, but i don’t really want to stick anything in her head like that. (And i doubt even with pins, if it was possible to wear like that.) So without i go then. Only thing keeping it partially up is the left side ponytail she has.

Wearing the dress only.

And in the clothes I made: ^^

Nyan nyan!

Meoow! Thanks for looking! ^u^


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