To the Sea

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If you thought the pics of last post took long to put up, you are wrong. Here is pictures from end of the summer, from a cruise trip I was on. Gosh. x_x;;

So I took one Monster High doll with me, Skelita, and took pics of her while on the trip. I really like the pics, tough it was quite challenging to try to take pics there. I was really happy and lucky for the weather tough, it was really nice. ^^

First it was windy, so the hair is everywhere. (Tough i like it on some pics, it creates movement.) Second, I had a chain on her leg while taking photos on the reeling, because I wanted to make sure she won’t fall. I should have planned this ahead, I crafted something I found on my bag on there. So it was huge, black wire… Also on some pics I hold the doll tight too… The sunny day was also bit tricky to take pics,so some are very bright or white. And not to mention people staring at me… XD
(Also some pics have the circle, ignore it, I had something on the lence and i didn’t notice it until i got the pics on my comp…)

Either way, to the pics now:

And rest here: ~

I like how she looks like grinning in this and having only stitches mouth and no lips. :3

Extra: Behind the scenes… :DDD And thanks for cheking out! ^^


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