10 years anniversary! <3 (image heavy)

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Please check part 1, retrospect first!

So a lot has happened after I got my first 2 Pullip dolls. My collection has grown bigger and smaller, and bigger again and I have now a lot of different kind of dolls, not just Pullips. I have Bjds, Blythes, Azones and now even Monster High, Bratz and Barbie dolls (mostly my childhood Barbies tough). I have ”matured and grown” a lot as a doll collector and hobbyist, as with my taste and my skills on taking pictures, making face ups and clothes and wigs and so on. For example I didn’t like Blythes at first and I also hated Bjds, tough it was because i was frustrated I did not find a Bjd ”for me.” Currently the top3 of dolls I have most are Pullip, Bjd and Monster High.

But what about the first 2 Pullips, Cornice and Raphia? They have been sold, re-bought and don’t have stock face up anymore. Raphia is still named Sanika, but Cornice Frephina is now Proserpina. (Or Pina for short.)

But how they look nowadays? Sadly they are not in their final versions yet, as I got new smaller and right color bead-things for Pina’s piercings and I want to actually mod and carve Raphia’s mouth and teeth properly, but this is how they look currently, 10 years later! (And will look for a while since Raphia is not first in the line waiting for face ups… Like she has a face, I have prolly 20+ dolls waiting for face up now…)

But lets hop to the new pics now! ^3^

Cornice aka Proserpina is on the left. Raphia aka Sanika is on the right.

Rest here like always:

This pic shows somewhat how the skintone on Cornice is. Most of the pics are too light, which is my problem with natural light photoshoots (inside). The skin is also more olive in tone.

Holding hands, together forever.



Thanks for looking! ^w^ Let’s hope I will reach another 10 years in the hobby! ^_~

And bonus:

”But first! Let me take a selfie!”

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