Mini Pullips and Dal

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Please note: This post contains pictures of NUDE dolls.

Here is pics I took while I took informative pictures for Ayumi to use on her schoolwork for booklet for Kilala store (here in Finland). It should come online one day. So instead of taking just pics for her, I took some extra too. I will hopefully link it here when it is online.

The dolls in the pics:
-Little Pullip Rudolph – Riia (old)
-Little Dal Pisces – Ariel
-Little Pullip Hippopo – Hippo (new)

To the pics:

Rest here:

Head movements: new on left, old on right

Comparison: Little Dal, Old Little Pullip and New Little Pullip

Hippo: (she is has new eyes and wig)



Thanks for looking! :)


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