Fair Mio-kit face up

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Finally, FINALLY! I got my face up block broken, last Sunday I spent 6+ hours making this beauty. I feel like I got a new doll! :3 I like how she turned out, tough her lashes were not supposed to be violet… But after I made her violet eyelid lines… I was done for. Good thing I had really nice lashes for her. She needs a new wig, prolly black or violet or combination of them. I also put her on obitsu, might want her to have shorter one, but that was the only one I had available. (I wanted to put her in type 2 body, but the hole in her head was too small. I didn’t want to make it larger so…) Also her eyes should be more green, but on her I don’t really mind this more tealy color, it looks nice on her. :3

Well, without a further do, here is blind girl I made. I think her name is Milka (it was supposed to be Linnea…) after all. Hope you like her, at least I do! ^u^

Rest here:


Thanks for looking my first face up in a while! ^w^


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