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Here is some more furwigs done by me. This time I have used new fur, which has really thin hair. I think it turned out really nice! :) I was worried it would not look good on the dolls or that the quality would have been poor (lot of thinner furs are not as nice, at least the ones I have got my hands into).

I have also edited the wig pages on my selling pages:
Peruukit (in Finnish)
So go check it out if you want some! :3 I have also FINALLY updated my mohairs, so yay! \o/

But here is couple wigs, some of them have same wig used, so it might look bit off, but it shows so well how different dolls look in it so. ^w^ I have made pullip family size ones and also one try for smaller doll, momoko.

Dal (she is the one who kept it! ^w^)

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Summer Challenge~ Weeks 4-6

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Helloo! It took me quite some time to get these here, Games Done Quick was awesome this year too (even donated a little, for the first time!) and I have to admit it took lion’s bite of all my life for over a week, and I don’t even start with 1-2h sleep then watch then sleep again, repeat… x___x
Either way, here are the pics!

4/14 A

4/14 B

4/14 C



Thanks for looking! ^w^