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Here is some more furwigs done by me. This time I have used new fur, which has really thin hair. I think it turned out really nice! :) I was worried it would not look good on the dolls or that the quality would have been poor (lot of thinner furs are not as nice, at least the ones I have got my hands into).

I have also edited the wig pages on my selling pages:
Peruukit (in Finnish)
So go check it out if you want some! :3 I have also FINALLY updated my mohairs, so yay! \o/

But here is couple wigs, some of them have same wig used, so it might look bit off, but it shows so well how different dolls look in it so. ^w^ I have made pullip family size ones and also one try for smaller doll, momoko.

Dal (she is the one who kept it! ^w^)

Taeyang (bit too small)

I actually made this wig originally for Taeyang, but the new fabric doesn’t stretch as much as the older ones, so it came out bit too tight around the head. For dal there was bit extra on the top. So Hangry got it. I have made new one for Kayu. ^^


Momoko (I wanted to style it this way, I could have combed all of the hair down too.)

For comparison, older furs looked more like this mostly. :)

And extra! x) Thanks for checking out!

Kayu: Oh my!


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