Poor Afternoon – Before and Comparison

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Something less nice this time… This is Afternoon, very very VERY badly yellowed one. I assume she has been in display in sun for super long time. She is the worst yellowing on a Pullip I have EVER seen. It is so sad and horrible. I kinda acted on impact on getting her, but she wasn’t expencive and I love her outfit, having second is never bad… And someone needs to save her, right?!? x____x;;

What makes my pics more informative is that I do actually own mint condition Afternoon as well. (Ironically bought from same place. x3) So I can actually do legit comparison with normal looking Afternoon, making more clear how bad her yellowing is.

When doll looks like they came from Simpsons, you know the yellowing is really bad. I did my best to try document it as it is (or was by now that I am writing this since I already started repairing her) but I still think I didn’t manage to catch the color as bad and dark as it was. Of well. It looks pretty bad even then.

Look dear, there is nooothing wrong with me. *hiding behind the hair*

Please lift your hair dear…

Comparing with her hand…
A: Oh my…

Rest here, including comparison with another Afternoon!

This one shows the color best I think.

Here she is with my other Afternoon. The difference is quite huge. Poor girl.

Still caring about her like any sister would. ^^

Body was also yellowed where her stock was not on her:
(She had not been ever undressed and the panties were badly melted on her like the first one.)

Even the eyes were yellowed…

This pic shows the yellowing is ”only in the surface” so I went and started sanding her. She still needs a lot of it, so her face will get thinner. :/

Here is my first try with sanding off the yellowness. And it takes FOREVER to sand. Looks like working tough.

I have already spent hour on sanding her and she isn’t close to fixed. Trying to save as much of the face up as I can, and now I am getting close to it and it is hard.

Thanks for checking out this poor little fella! .~.

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