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Traveling doll pt. 1 (Pullip Yuri)
Bit late, I forgot to post this before… Oops!

So let’s start with this. We have traveling doll thingy going on at Finnish Pullip forum and I am one of the participants. Basically we gathered few people, split the price of the doll, and now she will travel all around Finland and everyone will keep her for couple weeks and take pics with her. We also will give her stuff, and something nice for the next person, so they get a small gift as well. :) We also have diary to go with her and send post card to the next person as well. :3

At the end after she has traveled trough all participants, we will make a draw who gets her, other person will be drawn to get her outfit. She will be kept stock except removing of her wig (which I have now done) and she is actually first type 4 Pullip I had in stcok face up, even tough just for a short amount of time, as now I count it as we all owning her for now.

So let’s go on to the pictures! These pics were taken on Christmas. :)
Please do remember I do not own this doll, she is just visiting here! ^w^

Under Christmas tree…

Rest here:

Showing her stock.

CLose ups.

Her bun.

The christmas hears says Hyvää Joulua aka Merry/Good Christmas!

Byebye! says Lilja now. Note her cute little Panda I got for her, ofc she will need a partner and someone to hug while on her long travels!

Thanks for watching! See ya later!


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