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Ajattelin laittaa tämän nyt etukäteen jos joku haluaa käyttää tätä pohjaa omaan isänpäiväkorttiin, niin ehtii vielä. :D Voi vaikka tulostaa ja antaa lapselle väritettäväksi.

For the Father’s Day

I decided to put this up one week advance, in case someone wants to use the template to make their own card. So you could print it for example and give to the kids to color.

Pics and rest behind the cut:
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Pieni tytön tylleröinen

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Here is a new doll, or at least one I never showed in here before. She is Leekeworld Tiina, and I got it when it was available on Leeke. I loved the place and I thought it fit her so well I ended up taking a photoshoot of her. So here it is. (These were also taken at the meetup.)
The title is kinda hard to explain, it is from Finnish song about little girl in the forest.

And rest here:
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Senior Meetup – Seniorimiitti

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This post is IMAGE HEAVY!

Hiya! This has taken me forever to make, but I finally have pictures from our meetup in southern/eastern Finland in the summer. It was really nice, I had a blast and I would like to thank everyone once more. Hopefully again sometime later! ^^

But yeah, in to the pictures then!
Please note: all the dolls in the pictures are not mine, so remember that!

(I will post 2 more posts from the meeting after this one.)

Rest behind this:
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Drawings and the sky

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Self-portrait of myself, you will see how I look like… When I play… :D It somehow fits so well, tells a lot! Then I got new abstract art and older pic of Conchita Wurst I haven’t put on the blog before. And couple photos of the sky and trees.

Photograph (my own) as a base, all editing coloring and drawing done in photoshop.

Rest here like normally:
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Rat Drinking game – Chapter 4

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Warning: mature content / foul language / drinking / stupidity!

Rat Drinking Game
Pokemon Red version Nuzlocke comic run. :3

So people who read my last post will know, but my comp actually broke and I had it fixed, so this is why it got delayed in all the hassle. But finally next part! ^^;;;

Next chapter hopefully comes faster now that i got my comp. I have drawn couple chapters more, so after those done I will draw more…
(Also I won’t be updating every week/other week, I think it works better for me that way too. I will update irregularly.)

Also note about loading save files, I use save state for faster saving (not in battles for example, just like normal ingame saving) and I have accidentally clicked ”load save” instead of ”save state” couple times. (And it fits this drunky comic imo too, so it is included. XD)

Part 4 behind the cut!~
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New old Iris

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First my comp broke. :X Needed to send it to be fixed… And erase everything from it and ugh. Might get a long pause on the comic because of it… Have 2 more updates now i can put.

But in to the purpose of this post!
Last summer I bought a doll (after selling some) and it is actually a re-bought. I don’t remember what point I sold first Iris, but the original got home on 2007. This is the same mold, and thus it is old, but since i got it just last summer, it is also new. Either way, here few pics, hopefully one day I will have proper photoshoot to show, but let’s start with this. :3
I will probably redo her face up later, it is bit too red now…

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Rat Drinking game – Chapter 1

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Warning: mature content / foul language / drinking / stupidity!

Rat Drinking Game
My new Pokemon Red version Nuzlocke run, comic this time. :3
Planning to update once in 1-2 weeks, for starters at least.

So… For a long while I wanted to start a drinking game playing pokemon. I thought it was a funny idea. But… I also wanted to do a nuzlocke. That was not so good idea. After playing some, I thought I could use it to make a comic, which was slightly better idea.
So this is what it is. Hopefully you will have as much fun reading this, that I had making it! :D

The story is told as I remember it afterwards, so I don’t take any responsibilities on how truthful these drunken memoirs are.

The banner:

And rest here, behind the cut.
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Serpent and flowers (image heavy)

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So, Happy Valentine’s day for everyone! Or if we look at it in Finland, it is Ystävänpäivä aka Friend’s day. I always liked ours better, since I would rather remember friends, if there is, than dating someone (it has more celebrations either way). It is a nice day.

Either way, for this day, I have finally some doll pictures. 7’s flowers with my Serpent, who is my latest pullip family doll I think, tough bought long long time ago already. (2 years ago?)

I finally got him a wig last month, I had longer leeke ”real red” wig (darn limited!), so I knew I wanted that color, and finally after months of debating, got it from one Finnish forum. It suits him perfectly, his stock wig is one of the most horrible wigs I have ever seen. Even 7 looked at it like what the hell is this. :DDD (She doesn’t collect dolls btw, so it was that bad.)

Either way. Let’s get to the pictures.
Till Dawn. (I think his name is Dawn.)

More pictures behind the link:
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(I am still alive, have been busy with all kind of things lately, now mostly doing christmas gifts to everyone. I hopefully update some point, noticed this had been not published in my blog, so I am putting it up now, kinda late. (It’s been on Nuzlocke forums since April.)
It also may be last part of this, since apparently I have lost the heat to continue this, i mean i started it 1,5 years ago… So.
Either way, hope you enjoy!)


Warning: contains foul language!

Hunnalocke: All parts

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